Price - Bowflex TreadClimber Price

Ready to save big on your Treadclimber? We have savings of up to $1,000 for you! Check out our Pricing Chart here. The official site of Bowflex Treadclimbers ( can help answer additional questions you may have about Treadclimbers. When you click on one of the “Add to Cart” buttons on our pricing page we will send you directly to Bowflex’s site to make your purchase. This ensures your purchase is safe, secure, and your Treadclimber is brand new from Bowflex &!

Questions about Bowflex’s Buy Back Guarantee? Head over to our Returns Policy section where we breakdown Bowflex’s Buy Back Guarantee from The 100% satisfaction guarantee they offer is extremely competitive; either you see results or you can get your money back!

TCBody Price

The TCBody price is currently reduced thanks to generous promotions Bowflex is offering. As you can see in the cost chart here, you can save up to $700 on the purchase of a TCBody. These deep discounts won’t last forever so make sure to take advantage of them today!


Wondering what makes the TCBody different from an ordinary treadmill? Head over to our in-depth product section were we breakdown what makes the TCBody work so well. The 3-in-1 workout you can achieve from the Bowflex Treadclimber is revolutionary and can help you lose weight! The Treadclimber machines from Bowflex really help you achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. These innovation “treadmills” combine the workout benefits of three different exercises.

Going to the gym is hard, costs money, and let’s face it, dirty. Who wants to use machines that other people have sweat all over? Why not invest in your family’s health and purchase a Treadclimber today. They are more effective than standard treadmills burning 3x the calories. Work smarter, not harder!

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